Cyclee is a project of mine currently under development.

This mobile web platform for bicyclists enables them to connect with other riders in their city. In particular, it fosters community among people who frequent similar paths by making their common but solitary experience more visible. Cyclee users might chat about routes and hazards, partner for a commute, or develop ideas for advocacy and infrastructure. This platform goes beyond existing social ties and makes new connections among neighbors. Rather than broadcasting about an observation to friends or the world at-large, a user’s note naturally and effortlessly targets riders who need this information. The platform and community evolve in tandem, an asynchronous critical mass bike ride.

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Cyclee & Situation-based Networks

This project is part of a larger thesis that explores the potential of online platforms to foster ad hoc communities among offline neighbors. With it, I propose that a situation-based network can create responsive and agile relationships deeply rooted in everyday experience. These connections can create feedback loops and resiliency that benefit individuals, communities, and their city.

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