Free Transit

Creative Strategy & Website — This campaign aims to restart the conversation on congestion pricing by connecting it to the rising cost of public transit. Developing as you read this, we will build popular support for an idealistic goal, paving an easier path for advocates and policy makers to build a pragmatic plan for sustainable transit.

While I contribute to the campaign and strategy in partnership, I am directing the creative aspects, including the decision to brand this campaign with a Free Transit remake of the Metrocard, as you see in the web design above.

As with most of my web projects, I was fully responsible for design and development, including the implementation of an open source content management system.

We interviewed commuting New Yorkers about the higher cost of Metrocards and our dream of Free Transit. Later this month we will go public with our campaign and release the video footage as creative commons material so that it can remixed and used by our peers working on more sustainable transit.


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